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Choy Lee Fut


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Welcome to GL Kung Fu Academy (GLkfu). The primary goal of our school is to transmit knowledge of traditional Kung Fu (Choy Lee Fut).  This involves the development of physical conditioning, health, self-confidence and self-defense potential of each student.  In developing a good attitude,we emphasize respect, good manners, discipline, humility, and helpfulness


Speed and Power

 Why Trains With Us?

The term “traditional” Kung Fu has been widely used, however, is not enough describe the whole spectrum of the martial arts, and we must consider three major elements to define traditional Choy Lee Fut: Martial Art activities, Cultural/Social frame, and Practitioner Personal goals.

Those elements are intrinsically related and rooted in our codes, systems, and philosophy. It is our paramount to educate the students in this principle: “Martial Arts must be practiced or executed, the Cultural/Social aspect need to be understood and respected, and the Personal Goals should be defined.”


By putting in practice this principle, we offer:

  • Coordination.

  • Discipline

  • Mindset

  • Self-Confidence and Solid Self-Image

  • Positive Influence

  • Mental Toughness & Focus

  • Improve mental and physical balance

  • Increase speed and endurance

  • Increase and Power

  • Self –Defense skills

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