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Sei Pei Ma Choy Lee Fut

More than a century ago, a young man called Chan Hueng who loved the martial art had already had a solid foundation of Kung Fu under the patient guidance of a Shaolin monk, Choy-Fok.  Then Choy-Fok introduced him to a famous martial artist called Lee Yau-Shan.  Chan-Hueng then followed him to learn Lay-Kar Kung Fu which is renowned for its ferocious fighting and fast movement. For eight years,  Chang-Hueng learned the fundament of this martial art. Then as Choy-Fok and Lee Yau-Shan were satisfied with his progress and achievement, they had an open mind as to encourage him to go a long way to Bak-Pai Mountain which was in central China so that he might follow a monk called “Green Grass Monk” to learn the sophisticated “Buddhist Pal Style” and its wily and powerful palm striking.

After pleading hard for quite some time, Chang Hueng was accepted by the “Green Grass Monk” and under the instruction of the monk, Chan had acquired attainments in the martial art.


By the time when Chan Hueng returned home from Bak-Pai Mountain, his attainment in Kung Fu was quite superb and his skill became to gain admiration.

Since Chan Hueng's art gathered his three instructors’ merits and also his own findings and his experience, he had already established a new style of martial art which was unique and complete.  In order to popularize his brand-new art and make it easier to describe, Chan Hueng named it “Choy Lee Fut.”

Why did he choose this name? The main reason was that Chan-Hueng wanted to express his respect and gratitude towards his instructors, and that was exactly the spirit of “respect one’s teacher”, which was a spirit always emphasized in Chinese Kung Fu.  Chan picked out the surnames of his first and second teacher, “Choy” and “Lee” respectively as the first two words; since his third teacher,”Green Grass Monk” had abandoned his original name due to his devotion to monastery, Chan used the word "Buddha"”wich was the religion which the Monk worshipped and placed it as the third word of his art’s name. The three words, “Choy”, “Lee” and ”Fat, being linked together, became the most popular Chinese Kung Fu among the learners.

From Hong Kong to South America

Grandmaster Poon Shing was born in Guangzhou China on January 12, 1925, and passed away in peace on May 14, 2015, at the age of 90.  He was the second son of legendary Grandmaster Poon Dik of the 3rd generation in the Choy Lee Fat succession, who is still considered one of the most prominent masters in the lineage of Choy Lee Fut.

In 1934, Grandmaster Poon Shing immigrated to HONG KONG  together with his father due to the Civil War in China.

From 1934 to 1956, under the tutelage of his father, he began the study the lion’s dance, bare hands forms, fighting techniques, various weapons including saber, staff, spear, Kwan Dao, butterfly knives, Trident, and others.  During this period of 22 years, excelled in his skills and became a Master. In 1956, upon the departure of his father, he assumed the responsibility of the POON DIK  ATHLETIC Association and continuous to spread out the Choy Lee Fut legacy in Southern China and Asia.


In 1983, he was invited by the government to be part of the Chinese Cultural Diplomacy delegation to promote the Chines culture, values, traditions and the rich martial art heritage of the Choy Lee Fut. The delegation successfully concluded a trip through South America, and as a result, the Choy Lee Fut emerged and flourished in Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil.

The influent and growing of Choy Lee Fut in the Americas

NAN TIEN MEN (South Gate of Heaven) is a cultural organization of Chinese Martial Art, dedicated to the promotion of education and practice traditional Kung Fu, the Choy Lee Fat system. The  Nan Tien Men organization was founded in 1982 by the Master Poon Wai Sanchez (Ernesto Rodríguez Sánchez)

 Master Poon Wai Sánchez is a direct disciple of Grand Master Poon Shing and corresponds to the 5th generation in the lineage of the Choy Lee Fat Kung Fu. It is one of the pioneers of the  Kung Fu in Bolivia and Brazil; he promoted the  Lion dance in several South American countries. He is certified in physical education,  has two Post graduations Lato Sensu in Advanced Gymnastic and Science of Sports Training. He has been a coach and consultant in Colleges and  Universities,  responsible for physical education programs and sports college education. As a coach has prepared professional athletes from different sports and disciplines,  that have participated successfully in national and international championships.

Rio de Janeiro 1993

Hong Kong 2010 

Spread of Nan Tien Men Poon Shing Kung Fu Globally

Nan Tien Men School has instructed more than 7,000 students, contributing to its cultural growth, personal development, and well-being. Students, teachers, and instructors of Nan Tien Men, with the purpose of disseminating the Kung Fu, have been continuously teaching Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu. Some of the 80’s and 90’ generation moved to other countries and continued to spread the martial art in Germany, Brazil, Peru, and here in the USA.

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