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Master - Keith Rios

7th Generation Poon Lineage through Sifu Gio

7th Generation Poon Lineage through Sifu Giovanni Antonieta

Master Keith Rios is a seventh generation descendant of the Choy Lee Fut style. In 1994, he started his training in traditional Kung Fu in Rio de Janeiro, under the tutelage of Master Giovanni Antonietta. and he also learn from Sifu Poon Wai Sanchez.

 While attending the Köln University in Germany between 1999 to 2004, he became and advanced instructor and started to spread Kung Fu in Germany. He gave seminars and demonstrations in Europe and continuous working as martial art ambassador of the Nan Tien Me association.

In 2013, searching for the roots of the Poon Shing stream and looking to continues his martial art skills, he started to travel to Asia.  He visited Great grand master Poon Shing and continued his training in Hong Kong supported by the disciples of the Great Grand Master. He has been training with renowned sifu Chiu Man On, Aton Sifu and Hei Ho, sikong’s grandson.

Motivated by the passion of traditional martial arts, Master Keith decided to attend the Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in 2016 where he obtain his certification in Sanda,Tai Chi, Qiqong and introduction to Shaolin.


Master Keith held a bachelor degree in Graphic Design (animation and illustration) and has published animated series and musical videos. He creative personality has allowed him to understand the structure of the traditional martial arts and transmit to new generations, the ancient principles still applicable to our society.

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