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Sanda kickboxing is a type of kickboxing that originated from China. It means real fighting in English but the natives had slang for it- “technical combat” or “sharp hitting”. Practically it involves two fighters engaging each other without any supportive equipment.


This form of kickboxing is unparalleled and sets its own practical style. It is a major martial art and very common with the Chinese. Its technical part involves blending the conventional fist forms of Chinese martial arts with an application of unique style. The Chinese came to formally recognize during the “National Technique Competition” held in 1979. During a fight, one can attack by way of hitting, wrestling, kicking ,and controlling your opponent's body movement.

A system of unarmed combat that was designed by Chinese Elite Forces based upon their intense study of traditional martial arts such as traditional Kung Fu, Shuai Jiao, Chin Na and modern hand-to-hand fighting and combat philosophy to develop a realistic system of unarmed fighting for the Chinese military. Jùnshì Sǎndǎ employs all parts of the body as anatomical weapons to attack and counter with, by using what the Chinese consider to be the four basic martial arts techniques:

  • •Da – Upper-Body Striking – using fists, open hands, fingers, elbows, shoulders, forearms and the head

  • •Ti – Lower-Body Striking – including kicks, knees, and stomping

  • •Shuai – Throws – using Wrestling and Judo-like takedowns and sweeps, and

  • •Chin-Na – Seizing – which includes joint locks, strangulation, and other submissions

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