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Learning Tai Chi Chuan is remarkably beneficial for improving one’s health. In Chinese modern society, it is suitable for everyone, from kids to the elderly.

Tai Chi,Ba Qua, and Hsing-I ( Grand Ultimate Fist, 8 palms, Mind Form Boxing).- The three  major  internal systems  of Chinese martial arts. Ranging from slow and meditative to explosive and powerful these styles emphasize the internal development of the organs and overall health as well as meditation and concentration development . Because of its benefits, it is an excellent choice for the aging or physically challenged individual as well as the peak performing athlete.

It bears a close relation to Chinese ancient Taoism, under the guidance of which a series of practice methods were formed for learning martial arts. It is characterized by attacking, by accumulating the strength, by conquering the unyielding with the yielding skills and defeating the dynamic with the static. Moreover, this Kung Fu style is a good regimen method to cultivate shape, breath, strength, quality and spirit of the human body. Due to these distinctions, it is considered the quintessential Chinese culture.


Qi Gong is not conceived in isolation as it encompasses the natural aspect of life. One has to be in control of your mind by ensuring it is a peace, making your body comfortable and taking control of your breathing. Regular practice results in a healthier body and recognition of its ability and the inner energy you possess. The importance of Chinese contemporary culture of merging Qi Gong, their medicine, and Martial Arts has been recognized in modern science and appreciated worldwide

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