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Training traditional  Kung Fu in Hong Kong


This is the right place to learn and experience the traditional martial arts.  In the spirit of sharing the real legacy from other generations, we are offering a unique opportunity to practice Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Qong in Hong Kong. A workshop of one week with genuine masters.  The trip includes learning forms, techniques, and applications.  Also, includes lectures on Philosophy and history related to the Chinese martial art and visiting museum and temples.  Upon finalization, you will receive a certificate of “completion.”

The certificate of completion is a reward for the practitioner efforts, however, will not represent a grade, membership or became an official ambassador of any particular discipline.   Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Hong Kong means "fragrant harbor," famous for the breathtaking harbor view.  The city is home to many Kung Fu Grand Masters and Masters from different kung fu styles.   Some notable action martial artists were born in this magnificent city, and others decided to move there to pursued their career ( Gordon Li, Chan Kun Tai, Jacky Chan, Dinnie Yen and Bruce Lee).

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